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Sculpted in different material, it takes imagination to understand abstract art and the beauty of it. Sculptco's abstract art is all unique and beautiful to display and have just to enjoy.

Abstract art can be created for display outside the business (or any location) or inside the building. Each is design to fulfill the objective the business or customer is stating.



Round and elegant, the Spherica was created by carving through stone. Carving is a difficult art formation in which pieces of the material is shaped by controlled removal. Different than clay sculpting because in carving, mistakes cannot be corrected .The pedestal is attached to the sphere above it and was sculpted in one piece. The spiral represents elegant and beauty while the sphere represents the world.


Already casted in raw bronze, the thinker is another abstract piece. The thinker is a solid bronze piece weighing about 10 lbs, 8 inches tall and 3 inches wide.  This sculpture is exactly what the title represents, pondering.

Detailed informations about our Abstract Sculptures and Prices are available in our online Catalog

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