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Pure imagination and wittiness: The Sculptco Bootie Head Series is exactly what it means, heads and rears. These unique sculptures can not be found elsewhere. The series comes in pairs with unique faces and shoes.

Bootie Grammy

Grandparents are always considered as loving and respected family members. Whatever children may call them, Grandma, Gramma, Grams, Gram, Granny, Nana, Gummy, Nan, it all means the same, Grandmother. They are the old fashion elderly friend that can be trusted when you are old or young and cooking is “usually” superior.
The Sculpture stands two inches tall and can be resized.

Bootie Gramps

As expected, Bootie Gramps is Bootie Grammy’s husband. After being married for decades, they even began to look like each other except of subtle hair differences. This pair is inseparable and just meant to be. This is a great pair to give to any grandparents or just at random. The details of wrinkles and curves are definitely not subtle. This pair is a loving couples dream; together forever…literally.

Detailed informations about Sculptco Bootieheads and Prices are available in our online Catalog

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