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Sculptco was founded by Klaus Gaar. He was and still is the main Sculptor for Sculptco. His unique style and technique has earned him much honor to the art industry. Please look through the latest addition every month in our catalog to see his most recent work.

A little history about Sculptco founder Klaus Gaar.  Klaus was born in 1969 and grew up in a small village called Jauring located near Graz, Austria.
A nature lover and motivator, he left his humble home at the age of 15 to pursue a career in plumbing. During his four years of plumbing school, Klaus has been road bike racing and it has become his passion and hobby. Racing got him through the tough times of his teenage years and motivated him to be in a field outside of the plumbing job area. Klaus then raced professionally until the age of 26.  At that age, Klaus decided racing would not feed him forever so he decided to shift his interest in something different (though, he never really left road bike racing). In 1989, Klaus obtained his masseur license. He decided to work full time in the winter as a licensed masseur and an ER P.A, and a professional road bike racer in the spring, summer and fall seasons. Klaus averaged 60 races a year and brought home many trophies and wins.
During the end of his racing career, Klaus had developed a passion for computers and bought his own Commodore Amiga. After this point in life, his career path has started to take shape.  This computer began to give Klaus his graphic abilities into the artistic world. In 1995, Klaus made his most career changing purchase when he spent his life savings on a Silicone Graphics INDY and taught himself all the knowledge necessary.
It is with this computer Klaus developed his 3d animating skills and UNIX abilities. From working in a ER to being a professional masseur, Klaus developed character modeling skills in the 3d applications. In 1998, Klaus and his wife gave birth to a son named Stefan while working for a slot machine production company as a graphic artist. This blessing gave Klaus motivation to show his child everything and eventually left the little village of Jauring and got transferred to the states. He was then a team leader of the graphic arts department in Scottsdale, AZ for more than 3 years. In 2003, Klaus explored the art realm of sculpting where he discovered his sculpting abilities. It was within these two years Klaus realize his true passion and at the end of 2005, he decided to go full time on sculpting.

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